(HD, 20 min, two-channel film and video installation, 2014). Directed by Lukas Brasiskis

The camera incarnates the time machine. Once under the order of Tsar Alexander III, the city of Karosta was constructed as a naval base and inhabited by aristocratic Russian admirals. Later, after the collapse of the Russian Empire it served as the Soviet military base and, eventually, became the living district of Liepoja (the city in the Latvian Republic). Historical records show that Time traveler was visiting Karosta twice: in the 20th and the 21st centuries. There is a scarce number of documentation from the last journey to Karosta though. As the Time traveler’s notes demonstrate, he was highly zealous about the historical traces spread out within the area. But soon he stopped taking notes, and supossedly disappeared. We gathered some archival documents and tried to reconstruct his physical and neural paths.

The work was produced as a part of Abandoned Mistery, the two-years long international research project. The film was installed at Nida Art Colony, August-September, 2014.