The socialist times reshaped the material landscape of the Eastern Europe as well as changed the function of natural environments of the region. In the post-1989 period, video art has become a venue for collective reflection on the environmental legacy of the socialist regimes vis-à-vis current global ecological challenges.
Works by Ulf Langheinrich, Mike Stubbs, Deimantas Narkevičius, Ieva Epnere and Emilija Škarnulytė, acclaimed video artists presented in this program attempt to reconfigure the linear time positing socialist environments as confounded by a future utterly different from that which the narrative of the communist progress once promised. They focus on visions of the future imagined in the past emphasizing entanglements of anticipation and retrospection. The films featured in this program call to experience the material landscape as an index of environmental memories and provide a chance for an eco-critical reflection of the industrial and urban infrastructures built in the socialist times.
The program curated by Lukas Brasiskis will be screened at Alternative Film Video Festival’ 2019, Belgrade, Serbia, Dec 11-16.