(HD, 24 min, three channel film and video motion installation, 2013). Directed by Lukas Brasiskis

"any-space-whatever becomes … a space of virtual conjunction, grasped as pure locus of the possible" (Gilles Deleuze, 1986:109)
This 3-channel installation is a research of abandoned and dysfunctional infrastructures in New York City. A series of visual studies loop simultaneously, creating an embracing image and sound of a city that does not belong to the trajectories of everyday life and does not exist anymore for purposes of human-centered everyday consumption. None of the abandoned and fragmented places presented has a stable identity. Rather, they are in bio-temporal transition between a striated past, which is already over, and a future identity still unknown. In constant change from the striated to the smooth, these spaces reveal the impressive traces of both conditions. The non-human time takes over and retrains the perception. The political becomes sensual and sensual - political.
The footage was shot in: Freedom Tunnel, Floyd Bennett Field Airport, Fresh Kills Landfill, Rockaway Beach, Fort Tilden, Port Richmond Railway Station, Staten Island Boat Graveyard, Navy Yard.
The film has been shown in different venues and the installation installed in in the Aronson Gallery, 66 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011.