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FLOWERS & CONCRETE is an audiovisual research initiative for critical engagement with the relationship between human and natural environments. Relying on the eco-queer aesthetics and pushing limits of ethnographic imagemaking it traces the elemental and contingent penetrating the constructed and planned as well as explores how human-made infrastructures often acquire anthropocentric forms of desire and fantasy and take on fetish-like aspects.

Lukas Brasiskis is a researcher, curator, and teacher interested in limits and potentialities of documentation and animation of the non-human in regard to different cultural understandings of nature. He inquires how the ecological and the elemental could be reassessed through images located in the intersection between the worlds of film and contemporary art. In the face of growing environmental crisis, Lukas' works call into question the divide between nature and culture, challenge the privileged space histories of colonialism and imperialism assigned to the human and question the ways of seeing the environment they have established.